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Red Chairs
Our History

CineMobile started life in 1996 with its first screening of James Bond Goldeneye in Henfield Hall, a venue that is still used by CineMobile today, 25 years later. The idea was the brainchild of husband and wife team, Kevin & Marilu Orman who had the idea to bring the latest cinema releases to towns and villages that would not normally have access to a cinema.

The aim was to create a friendly community-minded environment where local people could feel comfortable and also enjoy first class entertainment. The idea was massively successful and 25 years after it was founded it continues to reach new venues.

Originally the service was provided on 35mm cinema film and has evolved today to use Digital Cinema equipment which produces the highest quality image and sound.


A True Cinema Experience

By using a cinema-standard secure DCP system we're able to show recent cinema releases not yet available on streaming platforms, blu-ray or DVD. Our projector came straight out of a local cinema and the quality speaks for itself, we simply mounted it on a powered trolley for easy transportation.

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